Who am I?

Allow me to ask you the following first; what made you decide to visit my website?

It is likely that you got curious about who I am. I understand.
But I somehow find it difficult to describe in a few sentences about who I am as a professional and a person.

I want to look people in the eyes when I talk to them about myself because it is a personal matter. And I believe that you and me will only get to know each other if we do actually meet in real life. If we can communicate and interact.

So that’s already a part of how I like to do business; interacting.

I’m also result driven and like to get work done. Communicating is necessary but let’s keep it efficient. Dare to take decisions and responsibility. Being a single player is not my cup of tea. It’s fun to share successes with colleagues.

Working with data is what I love to do most of my time but I also enjoy being outdoors. Hiking, biking, snorkeling and just being out in the nature always puts a smile on my face. My creativity gets an extra boost when I cook for friends and family, when I write poetry or when I draw.